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Brands Using My Mark

Your Digital Marketing Team

We’re a small team of young marketers who felt like marketing tools that help make online marketing easier shouldn’t be limited to marketers and should be simple enough for the average blogger or small business owner to use. My Mark is a guided marketing platform that will help you plan and launch your digital and social media marketing and help you track its performance and optimize it too! I mean who has time to read pages and pages on how to get better results on Facebook ads, when you can let My Mark do it for you?

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Our online tools will help you:

    • Define your customer and create effective ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest that will get them to engage with your brand  
    • Review who your competitors are and provide tips on how to stand out and make some noise in your space
    • Track and provide tips on how to improve site traffic and social media engagement
    • Manage your social media marketing spend and provide tips to help you optimize your marketing budget to achieve your goals
make my mark

Our Mark

Best thing is, our tool is powered by real (dope) marketers you can chat with on our app to help guide you and answer your questions. Our mark is about helping you make yours, so we’ve simplified marketing for the everyday small business owner, blogger, artist, basically anyone looking to make their mark!